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RPG Die Set of [7]

Liquid Core - This dice set will produce a snowglobe effect when rolled

The liquid contained within this dice set is 100% authentic unicorn tears, and boy howdy they were not easy to get! Do you guys have any idea how fast a unicorn can run? And don't get me started on trying to catch one right in the middle of crying. Usually showing them a really sad telenovela would do the trick, but sometimes the darn things just wouldn't cry! They kept saying something about how "unicorns being really emotion is just a stereotype!' And don't even get me started on trying to collect the tear drops in this tiny little bottle on the end of a stick, what a pain! But at the end of it all, these dice do look really good so I guess the effort was worth it.

This 7 dice set comes packaged in a sleek, protective Side Quest display and travel tin.