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Harpy's Song Handmade 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

Harpy's Song Handmade 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

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Handcrafted ~ Sharp Edge

RPG Die Set of [7]

Embark on a whimsical journey with our exquisite RPG dice set, the "Harpy's Song." Within this stunning ensemble, you'll find a tale entwined in every roll. As you grasp the clear die, a mystical sight unfolds—the ethereal dance of iridescent blue feathers, mirroring the wings of a majestic harpy. Peer closer, and you'll discover delicate wisps of gold foil, shimmering like treasures held dear by these mythical creatures. With each toss, the harmonious whispers of the Harpy's Song resonate, guiding your fate in the realm of gaming. Let this enchanting set weave its magic, turning your tabletop adventures into a symphony of wonder.

This 7 dice set comes packaged in a sleek, protective Side Quest display and travel tin.

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