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Fae Touched 7 Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

Fae Touched 7 Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

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RPG Die Set of [7]

Embark on a mystical journey with the "Fae Touched" metal RPG dice set, where the enchantment of the fae dances within each roll. Crafted with a brushed copper finish, these dice glisten like the first rays of dawn. A mesmerizing green mica inlay, reminiscent of a hidden fae glen, adorns their geode-like design. As the dice leave your hand, feel the ethereal touch of the fae, their magic blessing your rolls with otherworldly luck. Let the "Fae Touched" be your conduit to the realms of fantasy, where the fae's whimsical touch shapes your gaming fate. Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and let the dice unleash their fae-infused magic upon your tabletop adventures.

This 7 dice set comes packaged in a sleek, protective Side Quest display and travel tin.

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