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Blueberry Blush Liquid Core 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

Blueberry Blush Liquid Core 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

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RPG Die Set of [7]

Liquid Core - This dice set will produce a snowglobe effect when rolled

As the sun sets on a warm summer's eve, let the "Blueberry Blush" dice set transport you to a world of refreshing delights. Like a cool drink on a balmy day, these light blue dice, adorned with golden glitter and elegant purple numbers, evoke the essence of leisurely gaming under clear skies. With a liquid core that swirls like a frosty concoction, these dice quench your thirst for adventure. Roll them and let the whimsical magic infuse your RPG quests, bringing a delightful burst of flavor to your gaming table. Savor the taste of summer as you embark on thrilling adventures with the tantalizing Blueberry Blush by your side.

This 7 dice set comes packaged in a sleek, protective Side Quest display and travel tin.

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