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Black Cat's Luck 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

Black Cat's Luck 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

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Die Cast ~ Rounded Edge

RPG Die Set of [7]

"Now, don't move a muscle sweetie! I'll be right back with your remedy!" the Witch of the Western Wood says. Smiling through wooden teeth, she grins as she collects reagents for the potion of luck you ordered. It took some time to source all the correct ingredients, but with this you can finally get that job you've been after. You'll finally be at the top! A miniscule kitten mews the tiniest of mews at you from the corner of a door way. You smile back, happy you're finally at the end of a long journey. The kitten however, looks perturbed and confused as it starts raising up the door way. Your brow furrows in confusion, but is quickly melted in horror as the witch walks around the corner with the kitten sand says "Aaaand the last ingredient! Alright, ready? Uhm.. Whats wrong sweetie?" 

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