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Multiclass Rangermancer 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

Multiclass Rangermancer 7 Polyhedral Dice Set

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Die Cast ~ Rounded Edge

RPG Die Set of [7]

Embark on a legendary journey with our "Multiclass Rangermancer" RPG dice set! Crafted from opaque resin in a captivating swirl of green and black, these dice embody the duality of nature and necrotic magic. As you roll, unleash the combined power of the ranger and necromancer classes, weaving spells and navigating the wilderness. Let the green represent the lush embrace of nature, while the black channels the arcane forces within. It's time to embrace your multiclass destiny and venture forth into a world of endless possibilities. Let the "Multiclass Rangermancer" dice set be your trusty companion as you roll your way to epic adventures!

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